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Quite fascinating how generating a one line title for creative writing can invoke the human brain to elaborate. Further extracts to follow.


Although not quite a movie fanatic at moment, my previous habits have lent itself towards horror films. I am also typically not a reader in the sense of fictional books. I also have watched several Aircrash Confidential documentation over course of the last few years. So one of my extracts is pulsating and reconstructing fragments of various scenes with respect to unprecedented experiences onboard.

Creative Writing => Landslide

The unprecedented scenario unfolded whereby the torrid conditions inflicted severe damage with respect to the landslide. The meteorologists were vastly aware of the threat imposed given that sparse population resided in areas prone to the inevitably of mass destruction. Local residents discarded local media advise since previous alerts were falsely provided. As the debris moved into close proximity, some residents elected to move into higher terrain to seek a respite from the atrocity that swept into their habitation. Others were susceptible given the magnitude of the slide and the limitations of moving into a safety net. The debris engulfed practically any object in its path, objects cascaded which partially reduced the ferocity and spared locals indispensable seconds to gather an action plan. However improvisation was pivotal in the 'fight or flight' situation.

Creative writing => Doomed aeroplane

The plane ascended rapidly to cruising altitude in a long haul flight. Several passengers acclimatised readily to darkness in the cabin in which they readily tranced into deep sleep. The plane encountered a level of turbulence contradicting any foreseen pitfalls on the route calculated by the pilots. The flight path was chosen to steer clear of the terrain in which the area was notorious for a weather system causing massive influx in air pressure. The cabin crew were confronted with challenge of promptly enforcing cabin policies so that passengers attached their seat belts imminently.

However events unfolded unexpectedly as the cabin shuddered in what appeared to be a huge explosion at the rear of the plane. The plane jolted and veered to the right and appeared to be at freefall swirling in circular motion through the sky. Passengers skewed in the cabin, luggage immersed out of the stowaway cabins and extensively damaged and pierced the fuselage. A rapid change in pressure cabin spelt extreme disaster and hypoxia emerged, the brief saviour being that plane was close to 10,000 feet in which oxygen levels reach a suitable threshold.

The plane continued its rapid descent, undergoing the mechanical failure in conjunction with rapid change in cabin pressure. Several passengers fought the challenge, others remained unconscious in deep sleep on two fronts from general fatigue and also deoxygenation. Seconds were at a premium, no announcements from the pilot whatsoever. One would suspect the cockpit consisted of debilitated personnel. Water lied beneath as it was sent in a collision course and fate sealed in an instance.


The expeditors ventured through the final section of the terrain which coiled into a level of obscurity with respect to the mild blizzard and the low lying mist. Their rendez vouz with fellow colleagues resided approximately in the northerly direction. As they followed existing footpath engrained in the snow, it became increasingly evident that it contradicted the compass reading(s). Irrespective of this, as fatigue kicked in they ventured mindlessly. Within a few minutes, they succumbed to irregularities in which their footwear lost traction to the jittery surface. One member rapidly descended into darkness, others immersed in anguish, a contingency route remained non-negotiable given their lack of sightedness. A brief respite rapidly emerged as the mist cleared and increased their visibility to circa 30metres. They retreated to this location as it rescinded to bearings prompted by all their navigation aids. Their audibility was also decreased given the sharp chill wind whistling at high frequencies. As they emerged individually at the semi-lit location, it became evident that the head count of the team had taken a massive toll. The closely knitted team consisting of 10 members were now operating at unprecedented count of 4. They remained hopeful of others emerging but on the contrary were ill-prepared to venture back into repetitive region. As communication was vastly nullified, they retreated into an enclosure. This provided parity however upon revealing their true identity beneath their overlayered outfit, it emerged the members constituted of several not amongst their friend circle. In fact, the entire team that exploited the torrential conditions together were no longer part of the same friend circle crew within this makeshift shelter. As few hours elapsed, circumstances remained exactly the same.


As the COVID restrictions alleviated, people revelled into the streets and outpoured into the so called 'ghost city' which was at helm for the last few months. The media advise reverberated to a selective few, whilst others acted foolishly on their own accord and ventured into unchartered territory and thronged into close proximity. In utter jubiliation, local businesses were resurrected to fulfill demands of the public.


A dream emanating from a wildcard entry into prestige grass court tournament emerged into a finalist position facing the all time great champion in the shape of Roger Federer. As expectations descended in light of the majestic player, his ulterior motives were to impose his tennis adeptness into a maiden grand slam. The crowd were partial towards the Swiss maestro, expecting a textbook 3-0 victory. As the match commenced, unfathomable events occurred largely to the disbelief of the spectators. Given Federer’s track record on grass, the retracted roof replicated conditions on an indoor court arena. A lack lustre Federer exhibited a substandard performance. One would suspect a repeat of the lower back strain that side lined him in previous grand slam, that side lined him for the first time in his illustrative career. As the sets traversed to 2-0 in opponents favour, Federer sought comfort in his seat, collecting his thoughts in order to embark on a 3-0 turnaround. The third set commenced and rendered into a mouth watering prospect, both players exchanging strokes pinging to various regions on the court. Federer ascertained his authority, holding his serve and breaking his opponent. This reoccurred up 5-0. Federer had the set in his mercy only requiring the conversion of a routine service game to gain the set. Drama unfolded as the opponent capitalised on poor judgements, the deficit rapidly reduced to 5-4. Federer glanced up at the commentary box.

Creative writing: => The COVID-19 CASINO SCAM

The casino was restored to full capacity as Government alleviated the restrictions inline with reduction in COVID alert. The intelligence that has been at forefront over the years was under threat given the neccesity to wear a facial mask within the premises. The cameras relied on facial recognition to identify globally blacklisted players from the database. All entrants were required to carry proof of identification including customers and staff members.

International opportunists had taken this scenario to challenge existing mechanisms, infact the fraudelent plot covered all angles to raid the casino enriched with huge sums of cash retained during the COVID period.

The casino owner and all staff were kidnapped and sedated by a mafia group who were convicted of previous global money scam offenses. As a ransom, all security and employees were replaced with convicts in an effort to alleviate any suspicion. Customers were also part of the criminal gang, participating in traditional table time to induce a huge deficit on the casino and exploit cash enriched venue.

As the customers flocked at the tables, the casino edge was anihiliated, instead the odds of the tables were flipped largely on its head. As customers exercised their traditional betting styles, they were accrediting huge sums of chips at the dismay of the staff. Suspicions were raised imminently as excessive security staff were deployed onto the floor, staff that were infact part of this network. Customers elected to bet insanely as the daring strategy provided fruitful returns. All CCTV recordings continued as normal as part of the ongoing archive and minimise traceability of this execution.

Players elected to randomly disperse and cash in on their chips with the cashier and swiftly exit the premises. This ill prepared strategy rendered a catastropic approach given the delicacy and tact for the execution. A flag appeared on the national banks in unforseen circumstances to the high skilled fraudsters. National security were alerted. As they entered the premises, all fraudsters at the chip exchange point surrendered themselves readily, impossible to fend against brute force. All CCTV was requested and security onsite were able to provide necessary evidence and conclude that no suspicious activity had been identified on the table. And as part of this activity, staff refrained from reinstating the CCTV camera. Other players loitered across the venue and adapted their game play to inflict a relatively low key damage to remain exempt. However a tip off from disgruntled arrested members ensured all the customers operating in this strategic network were foiled. They surrendered themselves to the heavy enforcement. The casino now consisted of what appeared to be legitimate staff, operating at their personal boundaries. Clear instructions were provided to prevent further customers from entering the venue.

At this moment, no transactions for financial gain via money laundering had operated in the venue. As staff finished their daily duties, they transferred funds of existing casino account holders into bank accounts operating in untraceable locations internationally. Finances were triggered to clear in next few days. As they exited venue in disbelief, they were gracefully thanked for their due diligence and duly obliged to the national security. As they fled the casino, it was transformed from "riches to rags". Staff departed to various global locations. And as for the fraudelent customers, their foiled attempts ensured minimal offence time. Several also showed symptoms of COVID-19, the ransacked venue was marked for extended closure. The ransomed staff were released timely once the sedation had worn down, awaiting further Government guidelines before returning to work. In cruelest sense, "the house does not always wins

Creative writing: => THE BRUTAL BATTLEFIELD

He returned from the epic battle demonstrating true representation of his inner prowess and survive the fatality count that succumbed 10,000 people.

The underlying scars resonated in his consciousness, vivid images of bloodshed from point blank artillery to landmines and also several other makeshift incisors to immobilise or shred human brave hearts to smithereens. Flashbacks were prominent in which his current state of reality hinged on the atrocity witnessed. A scarred but defiant solider, as he ventured in a view to return back to his family engrained with battle scars in the physical and mental sense:

'My colleagues were amongst the statistic which elevated exponentially and several in humanely state were provided with a farewell in large sections of fields that were utilised for mass burial. Others were unrecognisable, the sheer intensity on the field from the crossfire negated any respites. Any strategic approach to counter the tempo and for soldiers to shield at static location inflicted devasting effects. As the flow of fellow soldiers ebbed across the limited path, those partially rested injured were displaced inadvertently. They were immediately exposed to the opposition patrolling in close proximity, merciless and defenceless, their immunity provided no parity to the scavenged attack'.

The unbearable scars were sufficient to influence his decision and refrain from participating in prospective firing line.

Creative writing: => THE RIOTER'S DILEMMA

The rioters were infuriated by the law enforcements penetrating and restricting their movement in the protest that overspilled vast sections of the capital. They felt totally aggrieved and violated given that the Government passed stringent legislations. As they voiced their concerns, they were quashed by the security which were armoured with large plastic shields and horse back. Defeated in all senses, needless to say, they retreated imminently.


Inmates possessed inside knowledge on an escape route least susceptible to the security guards. However it remained inconclusive as to whether they were providing a false lead to his inmate John given that they had tortured him endlessly. John, the accused person falsely imprisoned by the legal system in a foreign country was desperately seeking an escape route to counteract the severity of his pending life sentence. In this instance, the route out of the enclosure consisted of potent security in shape of patrolling guards, surveillance cameras and also fearless dogs.

His bleak attempt to bypass the existing security seemed out of proportion, execution required tact and subject to an intensive amount of luck. As he initiated the venture hiding in an undetectable spot of the motion camera, a lone security guard in this build section was imminently alerted of a reduced head count in a prison cell constituting high notorious inmates. The situation escalated rapidly as the security guard vigilantly and simultaneously jeopardised his welfare and entered into the affected prison cell.

The runaway inmate throttled the neck of the security. The guard remained aphixiated and fell to the ground with minimal resistance. The group of inmates were yet undermined severely in terms of sophisticated security across the perimeters. On this instance, John exchanged his clothing with the guard and retrieved all his security possessions. This was completed in the same proximity that the motion camera failed to register with exact precision. Their execution game plan now involved navigating through a known route exempt from biometrics. However John fled from his inmates and mimicked actions of security guard in an erroneous manner. He also made a swift call to the neighbouring federated prison centre, advising the lone security guard to check if there was any spare milk. This in effect, obscured his visibility of activities being undertaken by John.

As the patrolling guards in neighbouring sectors received intelligence of disorderly patrolling, they relinquished their sector to determine the root cause. This operation severely violated their training regime and immediately exposed a can of worms. The so called accomplices with John were largely knowledgeable on this newly exposed sector given that they were transferred from this location. They also possessed knowledge on the mechanics of the door system. Upon retracting the doors, they executed a technique to violate the internal mechanics. The security guards were now operating in a perimeter unreachable by fellow colleagues given that their security cards were immediately violated bi-directionally.

The inmates also diffused entire lighting system and electrics from the single source lighting and electric boards powering the entire premises. They tampered to ensure the mechanics of the entire locking systems were overridden. The blown lights reduced their visual navigation to the entirety, but the numerical inmates were exposed to limited head counts of security, all dicing with mixed fortunes as the dogs also entered into the fray. They embarked on this final section unknowing the premises was closely federated to another imprisonment in the vicinity. To their amazement, several armed security officials awaited outside. All inmates were dressed in clothing of security guards. They informed armed officials of power failure and that they were provided instructions to await further assistance outside of the premises in order to liaise with electrical engineers. The armed security descended, and as darkness retreated they had avenged their great escape. The fate of fellow inmates and security guards remains untold.


The neighbours awakened to a cacophony, deafened by an explosion that ignited the night sky. As residents glanced out their window they were mystified by the orange stricken inferno galvanising the entire sky. This seemed reminiscent of an apocalypse, or extinction of dinosaurs due to a gigantic asteroid. As they discharged outside to exercise their curiosity, the heat immersed into their clothing and they were scathed by the sheer ferocity.

As emergency firefighting vehicles imploded onto the scene, neighbours rescinded towards their own property in order to pave a path. All actions were ruthless, but to no avail as the root cause was vastly unknown, emergency services compiled to restore order to the outbreak of chaos.

Residents escalated their agitation and took matters in their own hands, a subsection broken down into resonating tears. To alleviate the eeriness, the plumage dispersed and narrowed the sky into a more conventional appearance. Emergency broke as the narrow street immediately submerged beneath the dark plume, causing irritation to their respiratory system and succumbed to an unconscious state. Some remained astute and swivelled across the floor to prevent intoxication. This countermeasure provided a respite to a foregone conclusion. The neighbourhood was renown for household pets notably dogs possessing excellent resilience skills. Their instincts were circumstantially limited to the confines of the 'brick and mortar'.


Their journey on the makeshift boat in order to escape and seek a renewed life was severely dependent on overcoming the blustery wind and waves operating on the small stretch of ocean. Given the volatility of this stretch, they opted for mass benefits in the new region which undoubtedly outweighed their poverty stricken lifestyle at home, notably given that the Government predominantly enriched those with larger families. The migrants on the boat were exempt from fruition.

As darkness receded, the destination remained in nigh. The raft descended onto the coast, slight blemishes to the exterior but by and large functional. They calculated correct material to sustain any potential low level tidal wave damage.

They departed the improvised raft individually and were in desperate aid for some nourishment, however this seemed bleak in a new environment stricken from local knowledge, local currency and also anything value of note. They remained a total outcast on all fronts and were imminently in public eye. They contemplated confronting them however were immediately under radar of foreign officials since this route was prominent amongst several other immigrants seeking an enhanced lifestyle. They were duly captivated and surrendered without resistance and remained mute, in a view to hide their identity and reap support. In true criminal fashion they fashioned a tactic to remain exempt from a return journey. During a brief interrogation, they failed to converse, the underlying root cause was a viral infection en route affecting their vocal chords.

The next few moments provided an unprecedented scenario. In total disbelief, several others from their neighbourhood had completed this treacherous journey, and ironically those residing adjacently few doors away. The neighbours were jubilant to meet the muted migrants. Much to the disbelief of foreign officials bordering that region, the so-called "noisy neighbours" greeted them in their native language. They were further interrogated by officials to reveal the identities of the newcomers.

And for their dishonesty and unvoluntary wilingness to communicate, a return journey was all but inevitable. The muted family were imminently ordered to retreat and initiate the outbound journey. Their existing raft was deemed fit for purpose, their neighbours were also infuriated since their decision was suddenly overturned for a brief residency. Ironically they received identical orders, the exception being a classier carrier since their raft was in partial tumoil on the incoming journey. All returning immigrants were ultimately not "in the same boat" on this occasion.


As they gathered in close proximity, the highly anticipated rollcoaster beckoned knowingly that it was designed to create a breakneck experience. The testing phase surpassed its expectations and as the news reverberated amongst the spectators soon to be first to endeavour the latest thrill in Abu Dhabi. The so called Formula Rossa, delivered in the bracket of engineering perfection.

The barriers opened, and as families completed their preliminaries, the engineers awaited and hoping that the testing phases replicate a similar real world experience on the inception to the public domain. The media onrush galvanised the ceremony. However, it continued to infuse tension in the backstage engineers as the seconds ticked down prior to its start.

As the roll coaster ravaged across the track, it hit its projected speed. The participants felt anguish given that the secondary phase involved a descent equating to a vertical drop at unparalleled speeds. So they squeezed together to ensure that the wind rush had little bearing on them, also embracing to be part of the fine art in full flow.

As the coaster meandered across the track, facial expressions emanated joyous moments, others exruciated and unable to bear the monstrous velocity and shear thrust, which in essence replicated the fomula 1 mechanics on the Abu Dhabi track. Success in all parameters.


As darkness toiled, a shudder in the early morning hours, reminiscent of a tremor felt across the narrow neighbourhood. Whilst speculation amongst the residents rescinded, it was still largely on their mind that it was a deliberate act of crime witnessing the property engulfed in a massive inferno at massive height. Residents awaiting patiently for the emergency crew, realising the magnitude of their duty, to tame the blaze.


The players stood anxiously expressing their body and undertaking necessarily motions to ensure they legs did not seize at this pivotal moment.


Demystifying the devilish voice, he laid in his sleep pondering whether the cacophony originated in his dream or whether it represented noise in reality. He twisted and masked his forehead with his pillow anticipating the latter. But as he elapsed into his second sleep wave pattern, the REM suggested otherwise, completely paralysed and senses inhibited from the real world.

A hand slithered from the underside of his quilt, gently grabbing his foot. His eyes bloodshot, in attempt to counteract the sheer opposition force. A plea for help was to no avail and living in a retreat with no neighbours in close proximity. All confirmed, the ingress of this episode resided in reality.

The lights were not within close proximity, as he exhaled and gazed into the white bulging eyes of what appeared to be non-descript, resembling the extremities of a horror movie. He clenched his eyes and retreated to his knees in plea for desperation. However mercy remained exempt


The draw rewardingly exhibited 4 matches as he anxiously held his ticket in anticipation of enduring two further matches. As the fifth ball was drawn, a perplexed figure clenched the ticket knowing the yield commensurate to a substantial life-changing figure. Time elapsed in a lesser order of magnitude, compounding the anxiety. The ball was duly ejected, irrespective of the outcome; it was classified as a good day in the office. However, the sixth ball provided the match for a full representation of his ticket. Sweat engulfed his entire forehead, his wife screamed are you ok, as he jolted out of bed. Oops


I gazed outside, my desk resided in close proximity to the window. In total dismay, which could resemble an aeroplane, striking the twin tower. The media coverage were imminently filled with the catastrophe shaking our nation to its feet, in which one could only suspect a massive pilot error in approach to its final descent. Such an atrocity could hardly be juxtaposed as a mass of terror attack even amongst worst nightmare. However, it emerged that this devastation was in fact the aforementioned. As the blaze engulfed a huge section of the neighbouring building, my senses collapsed into disbelief. The office remained bare given that vast were en-route. My intuition led me to commence with my daily duties, largely helpless and unknowing whether to evacuate given the relative safety blanket in this tower, unknowing the devastation outside at ground zero.

The apocalyptic scenes were non-descript, sensing that this atrocious accident or act were just initiation of disaster to unfold. The tables turned rapidly on its head, confirmed as a second object at ferocious speed struck the opposite side of my tower block. Reality now beckoned, the North and South tower compromised, the safety buffer in the building eliminated as flames enraged adjacent offices.

Fire evacuation procedures were negligible, employees choosing to flee at nearest exit points mentally scarred on witnessing a large section of the building succumbing to what appeared to be a Boeing burning ferociously.

The options of survival were bleak, either contemplating a descent at terminal velocity from the non-shatter proof window, colleagues in the nigh sought this, striking it fiercely with tables, as masses refrained from inevitable scorching flames in close proximity. Others remaining low like soldiers in the battlefield, seeking escapism from heterogeneous plume constituting aeroplane debris to furniture in the office, a cocktail to capitulate respiratory system within seconds. Statistically, although thought process remained subdued, my vision prompted for an escape route via the coiling stairwells, 102 flights to be exact.

Having calculated mentally the dispersion of the flames, logic suggested retreating to staircases on the unscathed areas. So I trekked along this route, molten debris being immersed and fragments. Corpses lay on the floor, undistinguishable, some charred from the ferocity, others weakened and seeking medical attention to no avail. Being First Aid certified provided no countermeasures to this unfathomable devastation. Intuition held me back initially, but unable to render the consequence of a family bereaving my loss, adrenaline led me to the unknown, the flight or fight instinct emerged victorious to my greatest relief, in order to pair with my newly born scratching three months old. As I descended few flight of stairs, enraged by my selfless decision to obscure the welfare of others, any accolades of assisting fellow colleagues from this disaster were doubly as difficult as savaging my personal rescue operation.

I realised my fate was to remain in the building in which I dedicated my career towards, seizing the great escape and coalescing against fellow colleagues on the floor to create a blanket from dense plumes, undoubtedly the imminent hazard. The bleak escape path were categorically ruled out by sweeping blazes swarming in every direction and visibility shortened to my forehand. As I reached for my phone in desperation, a final glean of the photo with my newborn daughter as the wallpaper, the atrocity and scorching ambience tore into our skins, an impartial evil act, vaporised everything in its path destructively. The journey was no more……


The transition of sides at 5-4 resembled an intermission at the local cinema, the delay mounted unprecedented tension mentally and physically. Destiny resided in my own hands, a routine service game standing between myself and maiden grand slam constituting native Americans in the closely packed Arthur Ashe stadium. As I readied myself, firing the first serve into the T, the opponent merely swung his racquet, the ball reaching a relentless 140MPH. He duly walked to adjacent serving box unquestionably determined to steady the ship at second attempt. 15-0, soon to overflow into 30-0, hitting a wide serve and enticing opponent’s followers to jeer at the destructive placement with no chance of retrieval. My instinct led me to believe that the opponent is anticipating a potential service down the T.

Bearing this in mind, I rifled a serve in the centre, generating ferocious kick. Action on the ball caused mayhem on the opposition side, merely opting to shield his face. And at 40-0, the buffer was adequate although as the photographers positioned themselves for this memorable moment, the umpire imminently diffused the premature celebration. I steadied for potentially my final serve, tossing the ball up and slicing across it as nerves kicked in. A mere 0.5 metre between success as the opponent had all but thrown in the towel. Given the buffer, I went for broke and aimed at the widest angle


The participants steadied themselves and loosened their muscles gently for a highly anticipated showcase occasion. A mere 10 seconds of a pulsating sprint (or thereabouts) would determine three elitists in their chosen discipline, segregated by finishes varying in order of milliseconds to two seconds.

As they positioned themselves in the correct lane, they duly obliged to gestures from the crowd. However fans were largely partisan towards Bolt, who ironically took the stage by storm, although lightning would be more befitting to this scenario. The race commenced in disorderly fashion, the so called big runners impeded by the premature acceleration of others. They anticipated the acceleration burst of typical front runners, however as 6 seconds rapidly traversed on the clock, this failed to materialise. They raised their voices and the large cacophony ignited additional gears to the Jamaican bred athlete who merely failed to stamp his authority. Although by his standards, he delivered a blistering finale, his shoulder blades pounding sheer force and his strides widened vigorously as his body angled into a more upright position.

As the closely nestled runners approached the last 20metres, they hurtled vigorously opting not to exhale and remain in the zone for final stretch. The typical Usain scenario of glaring in adjacent lanes was largely exempt, such gesture would diminish the befitting gold medal and add latency to his projected implosion. As they reached 5 metres from completion, athletes were confronted with a mental proposition of electing a section of their torso to cross the finish line. Some athletes flung themselves in diver motion, others felt this occasion provided an opportunity to gather their maiden silverware and chose unorthodox techniques to outstretch their head. Usain kept his cool and delivered a relentless speed burst, maximising effect of the tailwind by spreading his unprecedented figure. Even to his personal standards, this consolidated 11 second finish marked a finish which matched hallmarks of his personal best given the rescue operation. The hallmarks of the true champion and delight emanated. He typified true life principles of reaching top in a more disciplined and sustained manner. And outlined the value of improvisation on ambience to capitalise and maximise potential for a pole position finish and write the headlines for umpteenth time.


The law enforcement agency deployed extra patrol vehicles on the highway which was extremely notorious amongst juveniles taking to the streets and lavishing their expensive motors. They initiated the street race, revving their engine, in a slight contest of bragging rights as they all lined up in a linear fashion. Little did they know that they were confronted by severe enforcements operating and barracading the road stretch few miles ahead.

They initiated the race mounting severe pressure on adjacent racers to interchange gears and ferociously redline between each transition. As their speed mounted surplus of 80mph with their finely tuned engines, their stopping distance was vastly impaired in line with blockade in the vicinity. Their attempts rendered catastrophic scenario, vehicles dislodged from the road and became airborne.

Other drivers chose mindless actions applying the handbrake causing the vehicle to somersault. The remaining drivers mercilessly confronted the obstruction in a stance that they would manoeuvre a path for oncoming vehicles. Within a brief moment, carnage engulfed the entire street. Drivers ejected themselves from their motor in mid-motion, other contingencies were all but eliminated. The automobile missiles were brutally battered. All dare devil drivers were relatively unscathed in their vast protective clothing, landing ferociously on the road or ploughing into the central reservation.